Caitlin Hegney – Brooches in Shine 2020

By Charlotte Dew, Public Programme Manager, The Goldsmiths’ Centre

The three brooches presented by artist jeweller Caitlin Hegney in the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Shine 2020 exhibition are part of her ‘Ditto’ collection. The collection’s name alludes to the way she makes, creating subtle, unique repeat patterns in forged and soldered wire, and with handmade chasing tools. She draws inspiration from the notion that all peoples have been compelled to make marks, and is enthralled by the scripts and symbols found on ancient objects.

Caitlin Hegney, ‘Oval Parenthesis’ brooch, 2020, oxidised Sterling silver. Photo: Julia Skupny

Her language is drawn from buried hoards, and exposed ruins and relics such as carved stones, found in the landscape.

In her own words Caitlin,“looks for rhythms and patterns that transcend ancient times, interpreting them for the present day”.

Each of the brooches she has made for Shine 2020 is contemporary, with a nod to the past. The surface of the ‘Oval Parenthesis Brooch’ (2020) is chased with a textured pattern on oxidised silver. It is abstract and decorative, but each applied, hammered mark also teases with a sense that there is a hidden message – a metal Morse code.

Caitlin Hegney, ‘Silver on Blue Parenthesis’ brooch, 2020, Sterling Silver, reclaimed wood. Photo: Julia Skupny

The ‘Silver on Blue Parenthesis’ brooch (2020) combines an oval of Caitlin’s signature hand-dyed deep blue reclaimed wood, with a silver pattern in forged wire.

Caitlin Hegney, ‘Ovid Cadence’ brooch, 2020, oxidised Sterling Silver. Photo: Julia Skupny

The title of the final brooch ‘Ovid Cadence’ brooch (2020) references the unique inflection of each voice, and reveals a way of speaking that is Caitlin’s own; a metal script of repeated moon-shapes in forged wire. It is said that people speak through their jewellery, and as a new talent in the industry, Caitlin’s work has some very interesting things to say.

For more information about Caitlin and her work in the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Shine 2020, click here.

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