Best New Design Award: Week Two

The winner of Best New Design Award for Week Two of Goldsmiths’ Fair is Andrew Lamb, whose Vortex Brooch was chosen by jewellery expert and Antiques Roadshow regular, Joanna Hardy. Joanna said of Andrew’s piece: “This for me is craftsmanship of the highest calibre. Andrew Lamb is a goldsmith that keeps pushing his boundaries as a goldsmith. This brooch is made by entwining tiny thin sheets of silver, gold and titanium, a material which is extremely hard to manipulate, and then soldering the strands together on the reverse. Andrew never knows what the front is going to look like as he continues to change the combination of ‘metal ribbon’. This is an antique of the future without any doubt. No computer-aided design is used, just Andrew and his incredible skills.” A Special Commendation went to Jacqueline Cullen, for her new body of work, ‘Galactica’ created in semi-translucent grey Agate with accents of white Cachalong, a form of opal. Jacqueline is known for having worked almost exclusively in Whitby Jet for the last 15 years. Her new collection represents a bold venture into new materials and extraordinary techniques, whilst maintaining a voice that is unmistakably hers.  
L-R Joanna Hardy, Andrew Lamb, Jacqueline Cullen and Prime Warden Michael Prideaux

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