Andrew Lamb in the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection

Andrew Lamb has three brooches in the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection. The ‘Lenticular’ brooch from 2013 is particularly inspired by Bridget Riley’s colourful ‘Nataraja’ paintings. That from 2012 is constructed so that the different coloured elements give the impression of ‘birds in flight or swimming fish’ as the brooch is moved. The ‘Optical’ brooch, made in 2000, is constructed from twisted white and yellow 18ct gold wires formed into a domed shape. 

“I am influenced by illusion and the mesmerising visual effects of optical art…”

Nataraja, 1993, Bridget Riley © Tate, Bridget Riley 2020

‘Lenticular’ brooch, 2012, Andrew Lamb

‘Optical’ brooch, 2000, Andrew Lamb

Object photography by Clarissa Bruce and Richard Valencia.

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