Awards and Bursaries


Best New Design Award

Each year, a Best New Design Award is given in both weeks of the Fair by a leading figure in the industry. Both recipients of the award are given a £1,000 prize to support them in their further development.

In 2016, the Best New Design Award in Week One was won by London-based Danish jeweller Max Danger for his exquisite Honey Bee Cluster Ring. Read more here. The award in Week Two was won by Kent-based designer-maker Patrick Davison  for Box. Read more about the week two winners here.


Graduate Scheme

The Goldsmiths’ Company is keen to encourage and support the next generation of jewellers and silversmiths. To fulfil this we offer ten free stands on the Graduate Bursary Scheme at Goldsmiths’ Fair each year.

Winners of the bursary get a free stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair, a £1,500 grant to help prepare for the Fair, and an optional interest free silver bullion loan of up to £3,000. Previous recipients of the Graduate Bursary include Heather Woof, Max Danger and Ami Pepper, amongst others.

The graduates also receive mentoring from the Goldsmiths’ Centre, helping the graduates to develop business plans and prepare for large exhibitions. The graduates are also given advice on their social media and web presence, as well as pricing strategies.


2018 Graduates

Lukas Grewenig

Alex O’Connor

Callum Partridge

Jessica Pass

Leonid Dementiev

Dovile Burtulyte

Manasi Depala

Naama Haneman

Castro Smith

Andrew Fleming

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