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A Thousand Facets, the wildly popular blog and Instagram account that shines a spotlight on independent jewellery designers from around the globe, selects their favourites from the Fair.

One of the highlights of my year is going to Goldsmith’s Fair. Seeing so much talent in one place is a gift and a privilege. I’ve been so lucky to have created an incredible network of talented artists that not only live and breathe jewellery, but also take the tradition of jewellery making extremely seriously and is something that will be passed down through generations to come.

With that said, picking just six pieces from all this incredible artistry is too hard. I am a huge fan of all these artists and respect them so much; they are part of my jewellery family.

I’ve been a fan of Emmeline Hastings from the first moment that I saw her work, The incredible texture of her carved acrylic with the silver elements creates such a beautiful flow to her work. These earrings in white are truly stunning.

Emmeline Hastings, Double Murmur Drop Earrings

Sarah Herriot’s Papillion ring is a highlight in my book. It’s such a sexy ring – the lines, the height and that tourmaline in the centre! Can we ask for more?

Sarah Herriot, Papillion Ring

I’ve been gemstone shopping with Chris Boland, so I know his passion for them and the commitment to his designs! His work is like a puzzle and is so mesmerizing every time he connects all the pieces together. This tourmaline ring is just such a fun piece with an incredible structure.

Chris Boland, Cube Cluster Ring

I adore Shimell and Madden’s structural pieces, but there’s something so romantic about this stackable ring. It’s like a galaxy on your finger and such a wonderful alternative bridal ring that you can add to for future anniversaries!

Shimell and Madden, Lynx Diamond Ring Set

I gasped when I saw this ring by Castro Smith. There’s a modern and antique mix to his design. I love that he used that incredible sapphire as a centre piece. He doesn’t really use gemstones on his pieces, so this was an exciting surprise!

Castro Smith, Tenoch Ring

This ring by Ellis Mhairi Cameron stopped me in my tracks, transporting me on a journey into Scotland. Talk about a statement – there’s bundles of texture and the scattered diamonds finish the ring perfectly.

Ellis Mhairi Cameron, XVI Diamond Shield Ring

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